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Derek Lotek


Derek Lotek is a musician that is very into sampling and resampling many old drum machines and synths. His music is sometimes dance oriented, but mostly focuses on trying to create new combinations of sounds that are often cacophonous and then looped and elaborated on til they become palatable. He has been making underground music under various monikers since the mid 80's and occasionally teams up with others for live performances, often to Burning Man oriented folks. Perhaps his most successful project to date, The Super Heroes of Tomorrow, is a band that consists of several lifelong friends and family members throughout the US. Derek travels from place to place and records elements of the songs, while providing the musicians with a bare minimum of a backing track to play to. Then he samples from hours of individual tracks to create the band's music. Often, the members of the band are featured on tracks with other people whom they have not seen in years, or in some cases, have never met.

Derek Lotek




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